Why choose captain verify?

Captain Verify is one of the best digital ways to make your marketing system smooth and reliable by keeping it free from any suspicious or fraudulent intrusions. This means that it plays an important role in marketing. So what is the use of captain verify? In this article, we will show you some of the benefits of captain verify.

Cleaning up databases

Captain Verify can verify and clean up your mailing lists as quickly as possible. Would you like to find out more? Click here https://captainverify.com/. It puts an end to the problems of misshapen, incorrectly registered, non-functional addresses and all other related problems by installing clarity and fluidity in your data. This way you can improve your marketing campaigns and boost your ROI, i.e. your return on investment. With Captain Verify, you can feel confident.

Email authentication and data confidentiality

Captain Verify also offers you a wide range of options for authenticating large quantities of emails. All you have to do is import your email database via an SSL encrypted file. After the import is completed, all your emails will be automatically scanned and authenticated within a short period of time. And that's not all! The data and authentications are saved and protected for three months and then deleted from the accounts and servers by themselves.

Option to verify all your phone numbers

What a boon! Captain Verify also has a mobile phone number verification option. This allows you to check the availability of all your numbers before you call them. In addition, it checks all phone numbers with the operators.

Very affordable and advantageous prices

Captain Verify offers you all its services at a low cost. For services related to the authentication of e-mails and mobile phone numbers, the rates are sufficiently reduced according to the amount of services requested. So, you have the possibility to go up to 5 million emails and 100.000 phone numbers.