How to choose the size of its silicone implants?

Today, you can have the desired pair of breasts just with silicone implants. While others want small cups, some prefer large cups. How to choose the size of its silicone implants?

Taking the advice of a plastic surgeon

When choosing implant size, it is important to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Being a professional, the latter will ask you a series of questions in order to know what you want; click here to find out more  about breasts that can be used with silicone implants.

At the end of the questioning, he will be able to decide on the patient's case. That is, if the desired size is not compatible with its morphology, it offers a better solution. The fact that some implant sizes are popular does not necessarily mean that the best breast implant for oneself is included. Thinking that is an error.

Take into account the natural proportions of your body

There is no specific formula for calculating implant size, but the size of the implants can be chosen based on other factors. These include:

  • The person's size;
  • Body mass;
  • The form.

The main area of interest is the chest, while the shape of the chest wall varies from person to person. This will determine the width of the adapted breast implant.

Consider your lifestyle

In addition to the physical factors considered, an external factor is also recommended. This is the lifestyle of the person subject to breast implantation. The idea is to find out whether or not its mode is compatible with breast implants.

Think about the activities you enjoy doing. It is good to have breast implants for aesthetic reasons, but be aware that they can be quite uncomfortable. This discomfort is linked to a very active lifestyle.

People who enjoy heavy exercise or who are running should avoid large implants. Their safety and well-being is at stake.