How can the Anti-Viral Technology be used in Curbing the Spread of the Coronavirus?

You may be wondering what the whole concept of anti-viral technology is. By and large, it is one of the ways science and technology are collaborating for our benefit. This is considering how the use of anti-viral technology goes a long way in helping us combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, other viruses and harmful microbes.

What Is Anti-Viral Technology?

An anti-viral technology is a science and technology approach to treating the surface of products and many other items with chemical properties. This, in order to stop the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microbes. The trademarked Bioguard protected treated products are typical examples of how this technology plays out.

Thanks to this innovation, the world stands a better chance of resolving the menace of COVID-19 and other health problems that can be transmitted in like manner. It is for this reason that several health experts are imploring the governments to invest in making this technology more accessible.

Especially considering the spread of the newer variant of the COVID-19 virus, this technology is highly recommended.


Current Use of Anti-Viral Technology

Frankly, this scientific and technological approach to dealing with viruses such as the COVID-19 is not a recent development. It has been around for a while and is used by companies that produce items such as money.

The technology was engaged to reduce the spread of germs that comes with transferring cash. However, it is fast becoming the escape route from the deadly COVID-19 virus. In light of this, the technology can also be used on:

 Stationary Surfaces

The special treatment that this technology offers can be applied on stationary surfaces such as railings, doorknobs, chairs and objects that are often used.

The advantage of this technology is that it is long-lasting. This means that you do not have to disinfect the items often. The treatment stays intact for a long while and does a lot in protecting against the adverse effects of harmful microbes.

Surfaces of Digital Devices

For instance, the touch screen part of phones and tablets can be treated with Bioguard technology. The chemical properties of this treatment are mild and will not cause damage to the digital device.

These are just a few of the objects and products that can be treated with anti-viral technology.