Combinations to avoid with kratom

The therapeutic benefits of kratom are no longer in question. This is not a reason to abuse its consumption to the point of combining this plant with other substances. In the following article, the interactions between several substances that are part of our daily life and kratom are explained. Let's find out!

How kratom is consumed in general

Southeast Asia is the region of the globe where kratom cultivation is prevalent. The leaves of these plants are used fresh or even dried. Some consumers chew them directly, while others prepare them in the form of tea. Generally, lemon juice is added to the tea in order to easily extract the alkaloids. Sugar, honey, is sometimes added to the tea to make it less bitter. It should also be mentioned that some consumers smoke the dried leaves. A mixture is also made with orange (juice) or yoghurt. The benefits of kratom are that it is a powerful stimulant. It boosts work stamina and increases sexual performance. Despite all its benefits, interactions occur as soon as kratom is mixed with certain substances. Click on the link below for more details

Combinations with severe interactions

Combined with alcohol, the user may lose consciousness. Repeated memory lapses may occur. As for benzodiazepines, it acts in combination with kratom on the nervous system. A loss of consciousness may occur within minutes of use, as kratom and benzodiazepines interact quite rapidly. The user may vomit if steps are not taken. Secondly, with cocaine, an increase in breathing rate may occur due to the stimulants. If the stimulants disappear before the opiate, this may cause the breathing to stop abruptly. With tramadol, convulsions occur as soon as it is combined with kratom. This causes epileptogens or depressions in the respiratory or nervous system.