Brain Spankers

A treat for my freethinking friends

Since 2000, I've been illustrating coloring book craft images for children. It has occured to me that there seems to be a void of images available for freethinking families, so I spent a happy afternoon working up gift wrap printables and color book with topics of interest to free thinking folks. These fun freethought gift wrap background images can be printed on any home or office printer to whatever size the printer can offer. Present your stocking stuffers and office party gifts with unique and unusual printable giftwrap specifically tailored for atheists and agnostics and other free thinkers. Include these images on campouts and gatherings where children can enjoy decorating freethought color book printables as the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Atoms, Darwin Fish and Humanist symbols.

Golden Rule Wrapping paper
Color Book Flying Spaghetti Monster
Atom Symbol
Scientific Symbol for the Atom Color Book
Humanist Logo Images
Celebrating Human Symbols
evolved cat
Cats - the Pinnacle of Evolution
The Only Logical End to The Arguments of Evolution Background
Golden Suns with Golden Rule on Blue Background #036
Multicolored Darwin Fish with Feet on Blue Background #037
Colorbook Darwin Fish with Feet and Bubbles #038
Chaos Darwin Fish with Feet on Yellow Background with Bubbles #039
Celebrate Life Person in Brilliant Sunburst #040
Celebrate Life People in Brilliant Sunbursts on Multi Colored Squares #041
Secular Symbols, Atoms, Flying Spaghetti Monsters, Humanist Symbols on Multicolored Backing #042
Atoms, Flying Spaghetti Monsters, Humanist Color Book Gift Wrap for Kids #043
Humanistic People with Arms Raised on Polka Dotted Background #044
Atoms, Darwin Fishes, Flying Spaghetti Monsters, Humanist Symbols on White Backing #046
Golden Suns with Golden Rule on White Background #047
Atom Symbol on rainbow Bursts Backgrounds #048
Atom Symbol on Starry Night Skies Backgrounds #049
Atom Symbol on White Speckled Background #050
Humanist and Atheist Symbols on White Backing #051
Geometric art patterns
Geometric String Art
brain in a jar
Brain Mapping